Transit 10, 3-12 June 2022

The Splendour of the Ages: Theatre - Women - Courage

Founding of the association

Transit Next Forum was officially established as a Danish Forening on 3 December 2021

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Transit 10 - the splendour of ages

"The splendour of ages : Theater, Women, Courage" is the theme of the 10th Transit festival, 3-12 June 2022.

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The first Transit, 1992

The first Transit Festival was an occasion to continue the debate started within The Magdalena Project on women and theatre directing.

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Foundation of the association Transit Next Forum

On the 3rd of December 2021 an official meeting was held at Holstebro Art Museum for the creation of the association Transit Next Forum – Theatre and Women, with its home in Holstebro Municipality, active in Denmark, with close international contact to The Magdalena Project and its network.