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Dorthe KærgaardDorthe Kærgaard is a painter and illustrator. She has illustrated all the Transit brochures. Her painting Transit gave the original title to the Festival. After working in Odin Teatret’s administration from 1981 until 1992 and then from 2000 to 2002, she became a full-time painter. She is an artist who trusts her sub-consciousness and intuition with its own logic and peculiarities. She lives amidst the natural surroundings of Thyholm in North West Jutland, in Denmark. The interest in art stems from her father who taught art and was also himself a keen artist/draughtsman, but a great part of the raw material for her paintings was gathered in her formative years whilst living in Rome. The past thirty years her artwork have been exhibited all over Denmark. Click here to visit Dorthe’s homepage >> 

Julia VarleyJulia Varley is an actress at Odin Teatret since 1976. Since 1990 she takes part in the conception and organisation of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology) and from 1986 in the conception and organisation of The Magdalena Project, a network of women in contemporary theatre. She is artistic director of Transit International Festival, has directed various productions, is editor of The Open Page and author of amongst other books, Wind in the West (Odin Teatret Forlag, Denmark) and Notebook of an Odin ActressStones of Water (Routledge, UK). In 2020 with Eugenio Barba, she starts the Barba Varley Foundation. Click here for Julia’s full bio >>

Lene HøjmarkLene Højmark Educated within Auditing and Financial Accounting. Worked as bookkeeper at NTL-Odin Teatret from 2019-2021. Now employed at Skatstyrelsen (Danish Tax Agency). During the time at NTL-Odin Teatret had the pleasure of working closely with group of volunteers during Holstebro Festuge and Transit Festivals.

Luciana Bazzo born in Brazil with Italian roots, living in Denmark since 2004. She has a master’s degree in psychology and have been working as project coordinator in the cultural field for over twenty years. In Brazil she worked  as producer for Londrina International Festival and founded and led a hospital-clown project before moving to Denmark. In 2004, Luciana worked as a volunteer for Transit Festival 4 and from 2005-11 was fulltime employed as producer/coordinator at NTL-Odin Teatret, where she participated actively in the organisation of workshops, seminars, Holstebro Festuge, coordinated 2 editions of Transit Festival (5 and 6) and assisted the publications related to The Magdalena Project. From 2016-19 she was back at NTL-Odin Teatret, as coordinator for the European collaborative project Caravan Next. Currently working as Facility Coordinator in Copenhagen.

Anne Savage

Anne Savage was born in Copenhagen, Demark in 1965. She has in her working life gained much administrative experience both in the private sector and public administration in the U.K., where she lived and worked in the period 1984-1992, and in Denmark. Anne joined the administration of Odin Teatret in 2004 where she continued as ensemble Tour Manager from 2007 until 2022. Anne is based in Holstebro, Denmark and now works independently as a certified Body Therapist, Massage Therapist and Coach, and as a Transit Next Forum collaborator.


Close Collaborators

Antonia CezaraAntonia Cezara –


Helen Varley JamiesonHelen Varley Jamieson is a cyberformance artist and writer who has been involved with the Magdalena Project since 1997 and first attended Transit in 2001. She has been the “web queen” of the Magdalena Project since 1999 and is helping with this website for Transit Next Forum.

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Lisbet Gormsen – Transit Next Forum advisor and revisor

Rina Skeel

Brigitte CirlaBrigitte Cirla is a singer, director and pedagogue who has been involved with the Magdalena Project since its beginnings in 1983, and also attended Transit festivals since 1992. She lives in Marseille in France. Brigitte created her company Voix Polyphoniques in 1983, based in La Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille. She is assisting with the Transit Next Forum >

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