Transit Festival (mini) 2023

Theatre – Women – Composition
9-14 August 2023

A five-day festival and meeting at Stendis Lejren, Vinderup, Denmark

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Participants programme| Public Programme

With: Anne Savage (Denmark), Brigitte Cirla (France), Dorthe Kærgaard (Denmark), Else Marie Laukvik (Norway), Geddy Aniksdal (Norway), Julia Varley (UK/Denmark), Katrine Faber (Denmark), Luciana Bazzo (Brazil), Rina Skeel (Argentina), Ulrik Skeel (Denmark)

For 20 participants
Working language: English

Cost: 300 (three hundred) Euro, inclusive of lodging in shared rooms. Food will be prepared and paid collectively.

INFORMATION:   The Magdalena Project

Letter of Introduction

WELCOME to Transit mini Festival!
The theme Poetry in Space – Theatre Women Composition has been chosen thinking of theatre in its broadest meaning. Poetry reaches out to the essence. It demands imagination, creativity, rhyme, music,words which open horizons, communication, not necessarily understanding, blood flowing in the body and  the rhythms of nature. Poetry in Space transforms ideas into scenes. It creates images in the minds of the spectators. It gives rigour to the craft and surprising outcomes to the results. Actors and directors compose actions, improvisations, characters, texts, songs, performances. Structures used by other artists (poets, musicians, therapists, singers, producers, painters…) are useful inspiration. Composition is a tool which accompanies the paths of artistic discovery.
The workshops and masterclasses will take Poetry in Space – Theatre Women Composition as a starting point to develop the work. Participants will work on a poem to develop stage material. Every day an hour is dedicated to work in progress presented by participants. This is an important point in the programme because I experience that many women wish to share their work and receive feed-back before reaching a result. There is still an impelling need to break the isolation imposed by the pandemic beyond geographic, age and style borders.
This Transit mini Festival is a challenge to find a way to continue outside the venue where it has held its first ten editions. Transit Festival needs to find a new identity and I look forward for suggestions and visions for the future from all participants. Transit Festival should continue to help us find the force to go on with our theatre, when going back to our everyday struggle at home. Spending time together, sharing work, ideas and dreams, is a privilege to be acknowledged and exploited.
We are guests in Stendis Lejren and I please ask you to respect and look after the space. Kathryn and Poul Erik, the owners of Stendis Lejren, are giving us the possibility to live here as they want to support our
artistic work. I am very grateful for their generosity, and I hope we will be able to use the space again in the future. Everyone has a cleaning job and turns to cook and clear the meals.
I also should acknowledge the help of Antonia Cezara Cioază. who has assisted me in the preparation and maintained the contact with all participants, and Jakob Nielsen who will be responsible for the technical aspects.
I hope you really enjoy your time during Transit mini Festival and that we will keep in touch also after our
days together end.

Julia Varley

Part of the team