Conversation about the nameless

21 February 2024, 6 p.m. (Rome local time)
Zoe Gudovic (Serbia) dialogues with Julia Varley

Moderator: Claudio La Camera
Webinar in English

(simultaneous translation into English and Italian available)

Participation is free of charge,
attendees’ registration is required at the following link:

Zoe Gudović has participated in various Magdalena Project and Transit Festivals contributing with her fighting spirit and sense of humour. Julia Varley has met her many times, and the conversation will be around Zoe’s most recent projects after moving away from Belgrade.

Zoe Gudović is a lesbian artist, feminist, activist, cultural manager, producer and organizer. Originally from Belgrade, she now lives in Vienna. Since 1995 she has researched and taken part in informal and engaged theatre forms. She merges art and activism in her practice in order to change the current social relations and awareness. Zoe was active in several collectives, such as Women at Work, Act Women, Queer Belgrade, the music act Charming Princess, and Reconstruction Women’s Fund. Theatre educator on issues of Feminist Art in public spaces, she is also a lecturer on women’s studies at the faculty of political sciences in Belgrade, an editor and host of the radio show Ženergija, and an organiser of campaigns for the visibility of LGBTQ+, women’s human rights, and marginalised communities. Since 2001, she has connected female artists from all over the world with Serbian activists under the name Women’s Movement – Women’s Theatre – Women’s Body. At the moment, she is working on several creative projects. Zoe Gudović has been awarded the Jelena Šantić Award for outstanding contributions to combining art and activism as well as the Feminist Achievement Award of Befem.

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