Conversation about the nameless

18 August 2023, 6 p.m. (Rome local time)

Silvia Moreno dialogues with Julia Varley

Moderator: Claudio La Camera
Webinar in English

(simultaneous translation into English and Italian available)

Participation is free of charge,
attendees’ registration is required at the following link:


Silvia Moreno is engaged in community theatre with her clown figure in Spain and France and is currently working to host a Magdalena Project festival in Albi. Her solo performance “Las hijas del viento” (The Daughters of the Wind) traces the lives of several generations of women (mothers and daughters) from the same family. Mothers who have lost children, daughters who have lost their mothers… Women who have migrated, lived war, dictatorship, fought poverty, cohabited with death. To introduce the performance directed by Jill Greenhalgh, Silvia writes: I was not born in a place, but in a story. We all come from a story told to us, we are told and told… And so, we build on each other. I was not born in a place, I come from this story…

SILVIA MORENO VICENTE (Spain/France) is an actress, clown and artistic project director. She studied in Spain and France. In 1996, she moved to Paris, where she created the Cavaluna theatre company two years later, producing theatre and visual performances and touring in France and abroad. In parallel to her activity with Cavaluna, she works as an actress with other companies (Plasticiens Volants, Cie d'Ailleurs, Lala, Sputnik…), and develops artistic and socio-
cultural community projects. In recent years, her artistic activity has focused on exploring the relationship between personal cartography, theatrical creation and citizen action in the public space.