Transit 1 – Directors and Dynamics

Directors and the dynamic patterns of theatre groups
What are women proposing?1 – 5 November 1992

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The first Transit Festival was an occasion to continue the debate started within The Magdalena Project on women and theatre directing. The Festival was designed as an opportunity for theatre practitioners to show their performances and explain the processes used to create

them, for an investigation of new and evolving ways of directing. focusing on the conducting element, be it the group, the actor, the director or the working process itself. The Festival presented performances directed by women, or performances whose prime motor were women actors, performances with only women, or performances with no director where the group’s collaboration has been essential for the result. During five days 13 performances and 11 process explanations were presented by: Odin Teatret, Denmark; Teatro delle Radici, Switzerland; Theater im Pumpenhaus, Germany; Voix Polyphoniques, France; Cirque Divers, Belgium, Grenland Friteater, Norway; The Magdalena Project, Wales; Freja, Denmark; La Otra Orilla, Germany; Koreja, Italy. The Festival is documented with photographs by Rossella Viti and a video recording by Leo Sykes. The video is available from Odin Teatret Film.


Transit 1